Using snippets in your content

Feelbettr now ships with a range of snippets (shortcodes) to easily render dynamic and complex content in your pages. Content snippets are a way to use tags to add items such as title, image, speakers, event maps etc into your content by using a simple code int he page. When the page is loaded the website automatically translates these snippets into the desired text or functionality.

How to add a collection of pages in a page

I have just published a new tutorial on how to add a collection of pages to a page in your Feelbettr site. Its one of the growing examples of how to make the most out of building that perfect Natural Medicine website using Feelbettr.

The Feelbettr themer is finished

One of the key features I wanted to add to Feelbettr was the ability to easily preview and control the look and feel of your site.

Some snapshots of the Feelbettr dashboard

Over the last few weeks I've been ironing out the kinks in the Feelbettr platform and one of the key areas to get some love was how the dashboard displayed across a variety of screen types. The screenshot above is one of the test sites we have built using Feelbettr. I'm hoping to release it for you view in the next week or so.

Oh so much closer to a launch date

The last few months have been pretty amazing for the development and refinement of the Feelbettr system. We have refactored some of the interface and the infrastructure based on the feedback from our fabulous beta testers and we are on the verge of moving into the next phase of the launch process.

Revising timelines for Feelbettr launch

Despite outwards signs there has been a lot of progress under the hood and behind the scenes at Feelbettr. Over the last few months I have made some fairly spectacular improvements to the product, the general workflow, user interface and product functionality. As a consequence I have put back the beta launch date for Feelbettr - we are well past the end of 2017 now anyway - and I hope to have the final stages of the Beta product available for our testers in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

A taste of Feelbettr

Off the back of our inaugural Feelbettr blog post i thought I would share with you some screenshots of the Feelbettr dashboard. The screenshots highlight the menu manager, content management screens as well as the media library, article edit screen and more.