Introducing Feelbettr

Written by Anthony Olsen on 22 Nov 2017

It's been an incredible journey getting to publishing the first Feelbettr blog post. The idea of Feelbettr has been percolating in my mind for more than 4 years and officially in development for the last two ... and so it's a great pleasure to be able to start writing about one of my passions.

Feelbettr is a vision that merges my two somewhat divergent career paths - Acupuncture and Web design.

For the last decade I have been straddling two worlds - the world of design and the world of healing. Feelbettr is a service that will bring those two streams together to create a platform that makes it possible for Natural medicine practitioners to be able to effortlessly create beautiful, fast and modern websites to support their natural medicine practice.

Healthy beginnings

My story in web design began in 2006 when I started to investigate what it would take to make a website for my Acupuncture practice. I graduated as an acupuncturist from the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine in 2002 and had been working in my own and other clinics for a few years, but felt that I could do more if I had a professional looking website.

As a part of my investigations I started to tinker with an open source content management system called Joomla. This tinkering turned into a curiosity and then into an obsession and within a matter of months I had learnt how to create a Joomla template and started a Joomla template club called Joomlabamboo.

Joomlabamboo was to become my passion and a consuming part of my life for around ten years. In it I learnt a lot about running a large and popular website, how to work with people in a technology based online business and honed my skills as a web designer and web developer.

Joomlabamboo lead the charge in creating simple, beautiful and minimal designs and were also pioneering when it came to implementing responsive design techniques. In the middle of 2016 I handed over the reigns to Joomlabamboo in order to focus on Feelbettr.

Throughout this time I have also been maintaining my Acupuncture practice and been running Holotropic Breathwork workshops in Melbourne and also running the website Music for Breathwork which combines breathwork with one of my other passions - music.

Feelbettr will launch in 2017

As I mentioned the Feelbettr seed was first planted in around 2012, and while it has been a relatively long germination time for this particular seed, I am excited about it's recent growth. The seed has become a seedling and very soon it will produce it's first flower.

Feelbettr will be opened to a select group of beta testers in the next month and I'm hoping that we will start to make it more widely available in a few months after that. If you want to be a part of the Feelbettr flowering please get in touch via the contact form. Otherwise stay tuned for Feelbettr later on in 2017.