Revising timelines for Feelbettr launch

Written by Anthony Olsen on 20 Mar 2018

Despite outwards signs there has been a lot of progress under the hood and behind the scenes at Feelbettr. Over the last few months I have made some fairly spectacular improvements to the product, the general workflow, user interface and product functionality. As a consequence I have put back the beta launch date for Feelbettr - we are well past the end of 2017 now anyway - and I hope to have the final stages of the Beta product available for our testers in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

There are still a few key things on the list, including finishing the on-boarding process, finishing the page widget system and page templates, theming system and adding more intelligence to the system as a whole.

While it would be wrong to call the logic behind Feelbettr artificially intelligent, the system, can make some fairly clever recommendations based on some fairly basic information that you supply it with.

Putting some intelligence into the way that your new website is created.

An example of how Feelbettr is getting smarter with each iteration is via the sign up wizard that initiates the whole process for you. My main focus has been to try and make the onboarding process as smooth and painless as possible. The wizard screen highlights the bare basics required to create a basic site in Feelbettr. The first stage of this is to gather some basic information.

And then once you have done this it's time to quickly add the services you offer in your practice. When you enter a service Feelbettr populates the images that it thinks might suit that service int he image selection area below. he more services you add the more choice of images you get. 

If you can't find the image you need here then you can easily add images from the Feelbettr asset library afterwards.

Basic Feelbettr site

Once you have selected a few images and click create, the wizard will upload your images, create the base pages for the website including:

    Basic Feelbettr site

    Sample pages ready to personalise

    As you can see from the screenshot above, the end result is that your content manager is automatically populated with pages and menu items ready for you to personalise. An example page automatically created for an Acupuncture service.

    Personalise your content

    You can easily create new pages based on your service / modality at any stage by clicking the add new page button from the content dashboard. When you do this you are given a range of page types to create including a general service page or a page specifically focussed on any given modality you may have already entered into the system.

    Personalise your content

    What's left on the list ...

    So before we throw the doors open into a public Beta testing stage we need to cover off a few ore things:

    • Finalise some of the remaining questions around the page model and site architecture
    • Finish the theming and appearance settings
    • Implement the custom domain functionality so you can use Feelbettr as your primary domain
    • Finish the page types and designs
    • Smooth out some bugs with the media library

    A major part of this process will be deciding on a feature freeze for the first release. I have a huge list of features that I want to add to Feelbettr over the next year however just deciding on what v1 will contain and making sure that they are stable is a large part of the process for getting us to a public launch.

    I hope you have enjoyed this update and I am very much looking forward to opening the doors to this passion of mine and seeing the first sites to be created on this new web publishing platform.