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A selection of sites built using the Feelbettr platform.

As the Feelbettr community continues to grow we will update this page with case studies and examples of what is possible with the Feelbettr platform.

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A Slovenia based website for psychotherapy

This website is a good example of a therapy website built using Feelbettr. Mojca Studen and Marko Sifrar offer a wide range of therapeutic services including psychotherapy, family and couple therapy, holotropic breathwork and hypnosis.

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Melbourne Breathwork

Ongoing events with team profiles.

A website focussed on providing Holotropic Breathwork workshops and Men's Groups this website uses the team and event functionality built into Feelbettr.

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Melbourne Processwork

Solo practitioner psychotherapy website.

A psychotherapist using Feelbettr for their Psychotherapy and Breathwork practice in Melbourne Australia.



A solo practitioner's one page folio website

While Feelbettr is designed to be a platform for practitioners of Natural Medicine to build websites with, you can technically build any type of site you'd like. This website is a simple one page design showcasing the work of a Melbourne based web designer.

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Holotropic Association of Europe 

60+ Team Profiles, 300+ events, Multiple user roles, Multiple languages

This website houses the work of the members of the Holotropic Breathwork facilitators in Europe. The Holotropic Association website is currently the largest site to have been created with Feelbettr. 

The multi-lingual site consists of a team of 60+ users who can each login and add events, update profile pages etc and an event calendar which has 300+ historical and future workshops scheduled.

The Holotropic Association has helped to push the limits of the Feelbettr platform, taking advantage of many of it's advanced features including:

  • Teams with multiple content editor and website administrators
  • A map of Europe which showcases the upcoming workshops
  • A Multi-lingual site with 3 languages available
  • Documents and attachment system which enables the administrators to share documents with team members.
  • Implementation of user groups and roles

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Holotropic Australia

13 team members and 30+ events

Holotropic Breathwork Australia is the home for breathwork facilitators in Australia. The site takes advantage of Feelbettr's multiple user logins, event management and asset library features.

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Common Dreams Conference

4 day conference website with hourly event scheduling and 24 speakers

The CommonDreams conference website utilised some of Feelbettr's advanced event display functionality with a jam packed calendar of events featured and speakers featured over the 4 day conference. The website utilises the team functionality, featuring an hour by hour calendar of events, profiles for the three categories of speakers and individual profiles for each conference speaker.

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A solo practitioners Acupuncture and Breathwork website.

A solo practitioner website featuring service pages, contact forms and more.

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The Crow Show

A one page site for a one woman show

This website is another site that fits into the category of you can make anything with Feelbettr. This is a simple one page site that uses embedded playlists from sound cloud and the built in contact form.

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